Iders (I – D – er -s)


Why the heck are ideas so ethereal?

I mean, why the heck are ideas thought of as so ethereal?

Like, there have been so many investigations into things like focus, productivity, memory, health, etc, and they’ve either validated or disproves conventional wisdom.

But Ideas, they just sort of a r e. It’s some magical switch that gets flicked on and off at the worst times possible, like when you’re in the shower or drunk texting while driving.

As a PSA, in the fashion of a 16th century recipie for rats (1: leave bread crumbs on the ground, 2: the bread crumbs will create rats), here’s my recipe for ideas (results may vary. It will probably work easier for visually oriented people).

1: take any two things or ideas. They can be a cup and a bowl, a pencil and the beat generation of the 40s and 50s, or maybe a square inch of rubber and all of Russia.

For my example, I’ll use communism and a tree.

(I said a recipe for ideas. Some will be good, some will be bad. Many will make no sense, but they are a start)

2: associate them any way you can

what I mustered:

–some interesting case of public ownership where legally, anyone can steal the apples from your tree (or anyone’s tree), creating an isolated (only fruit, nothing else), anarchistic market of fruit theft and trading

–the leaves near the bottom of the tree getting too little sun decide to, over many tree generational mutations, take over the leaves on the top,

-ultimately killing off species who relied on the low hanging fruit (idea spiraled off of fruit statement)

and you start to get these associations with recent thoughts or ideas, that build up ideas, giving them more depth, and you do this a ton until you have a sort-of monster

CLARIFICATION: do not look for things that the two things have in common. You just get boring answers like “they are both things.”

You want to find ways to mash two things that don’t go together, together.


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