I’m currently on a fruit detox. I’m trying to eat less fruit.

Wait………wait…….., I can explain

Because fruit is a little too good. It’s candy exempt from the candy is bad guilt tax because it comes from a tree and has no corn syrup. It’s candy with a few gummy supplements worth of vitamins packed in. It’s fiberous candy.

But when you put fruit in different forms, some of those benefits start to drop. Juice not only takes the fiber from fruit, but makes it harder for portions to be monitored. 12 ounces of tropicana has 33 grams of sugar; 12oz of coke has 39. Sure, it’s not added sugar, and it’s different sugar (fruit has fructose, which metabolizes slower than glucose and sucrose(which is a mix of glucose and sucrose)) but, it’s sugar. Fresh juice is just organic coke.

And smoothies are similar (they just take out a little less of the fiber, being less viscous). And raisins, figs, dates, while I have a whole post praising these foods, they aren’t far removed in calorie density from jolly ranchers and gum drops.

And don’t get me started on frozen fruit, which is ruining my life. The chopped pieces of banana and pineapple and mango in an easially-hand-inerstable bag is like having guilt-free icecream. I just reach my hand in, grab a handful, put it in a glass with some milk, grab a fork, and then refill the cup when I’m done because I can’t stop myself. And it’s ruining my life. I treat it not as nutrients I ingest to function, but a sensation, a taste, that I can’t resist.

Everything in moderation, because too much, by the definition of too much, is too much.


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