Summit Ave

(Look at the space wasted)

I’ve had my car since 2nd semester Sophomore year. That’s since January 2017, or 15 months of school (6 of summer). On average, 5 weekends per month, or 10 days without school. 15 * 20 remaining days, minus 20 weekdays (for winter and spring break), then I’ve irritated give or take 3,000 individuals behind me when I turn from Snelling to Summit (and this ignores factors such as whether the car behind me is a car I’ve irritated before, if other people in the car were irritated as well, if the car behind the car I’ve irritated was irritated, or if it was a rare day when no one had to slam the breaks as I shot to the right with a couple g’s).

That turn is the high-point and the low-point of my 10-12 minute driving experience home, because…. first I have to get into position. It’s a tradeoff between speed and security: whether or not I’ll be able to speed in the left lane then transfer smoothly to the right (preppin for that turn), or get stuck and have to poke an uncomfortable hole in the belt of vehicles. Or if I just stick safe and steady in the right lane, praying the buses have already picked up their people, or they are very far from people picking (my statements are alliterative nightmares), and that I won’t have to see those mocking hazard lights shoved in my face like “I’m managed by the city, so I can hold you up legally. Yes you, Will.” I have but 20 seconds to make my decision, before a backup of cars makes everything cumbersome, when the tires get very comfortable with the ground, not moving that ground.

And the scooters and bikes go on sidewalks, and there’s no person next to those flashing lights indicating people are passing (the person passed), and the right lane drivers have to make an always ethically questionable decision to let that car from the parking lot in front of you with a gentle wave or keep the flow of the minnows moving, not stopping for a rogue, and the Macalaster students dash from Dunbros and the middle aged from Kinkos, and gawk at the posh wastefulness of the “Nothing Bundt Cakes”‘s parking lot of three maintained plots of blacktop and one yellow striped walking area where no one walks no one will walk there do something with this plot of land like a bike rack or outdoor table or a giant metallic dunce hat, and green.

Right Lane:………………………………………………………………….ok, here it comes

Left Lane: Sh*tSh*tSh*tSh*tSh*tSh*tSh*tSh*tSh*t, I gotta wedge, I gotta wedge, out in front, sorry you get 1 second of signal.

I’m at the turn









And I let loose for a quarter second on an affluent street in a standard car, and I drive home.



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