Two years ago, I would have chided myself. “You choose to write about programming for fun? The thing that’s sucking the life out of the liberal arts, and churning out soulless silicon valley stockbrokers?” Well, kind of. Back then, I only took computer science because of the high starting salary out of college.  Programming was […]

Iders (I – D – er -s)

(Quickie) Why the heck are ideas so ethereal? I mean, why the heck are ideas thought of as so ethereal? Like, there have been so many investigations into things like focus, productivity, memory, health, etc, and they’ve either validated or disproves conventional wisdom. But Ideas, they just sort of a r e. It’s some magical switch that […]

Synths are

  W W W o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Wacky. Dipping into audio synthesis is dipping a toe into the most beautiful mess of cables possible. Starting with the theremin. You know of the theremin? The thing […]


I’m currently on a fruit detox. I’m trying to eat less fruit. Wait………wait…….., I can explain Because fruit is a little too good. It’s candy exempt from the candy is bad guilt tax because it comes from a tree and has no corn syrup. It’s candy with a few gummy supplements worth of vitamins packed […]

Summit Ave

(Look at the space wasted) I’ve had my car since 2nd semester Sophomore year. That’s since January 2017, or 15 months of school (6 of summer). On average, 5 weekends per month, or 10 days without school. 15 * 20 remaining days, minus 20 weekdays (for winter and spring break), then I’ve irritated give or […]


Pre-Sa: Can u groove to a page? Can u get, like the words locked into a pattern that grooves without associations with renaissance Europe and the feather hatted poet tip toeing down the block, assuming the Italian city planners made blocks. No, they wouldn’t do that. I can’t imagine them grooving to, like, Dante or […]

Brazil (we get to Brazil at some point)

Europe’s musical tradition (plus Chinese opera) is a little drab. Any tradition with a well defined high and low culture is a little drab (at least for me). With a high and low culture, any cultural expression, in this case music, comes with a hefty class division. In addition, even among upper class Europeans, the […]