I’m currently on a fruit detox. I’m trying to eat less fruit. Wait………wait…….., I can explain Because fruit is a little too good. It’s candy exempt from the candy is bad guilt tax because it comes from a tree and has no corn syrup. It’s candy with a few gummy supplements worth of vitamins packed […]

Summit Ave

(Look at the space wasted) I’ve had my car since 2nd semester Sophomore year. That’s since January 2017, or 15 months of school (6 of summer). On average, 5 weekends per month, or 10 days without school. 15 * 20 remaining days, minus 20 weekdays (for winter and spring break), then I’ve irritated give or […]


Pre-Sa: Can u groove to a page? Can u get, like the words locked into a pattern that grooves without associations with renaissance Europe and the feather hatted poet tip toeing down the block, assuming the Italian city planners made blocks. No, they wouldn’t do that. I can’t imagine them grooving to, like, Dante or […]

Brazil (we get to Brazil at some point)

Europe’s musical tradition (plus Chinese opera) is a little drab. Any tradition with a well defined high and low culture is a little drab (at least for me). With a high and low culture, any cultural expression, in this case music, comes with a hefty class division. In addition, even among upper class Europeans, the […]

Standing Desk

Here’s my review of a 42″ Folding Standing Desk Converter. First of August, 2017, I received the product as a birthday gift. Although the floating wood/white-steel desk-to-be-heightened was not included (neither were two disconnected monitors, off-brand apple products, and a photogenic desk-extending advocate), neither was an elaborate system of keyboard and mouse platforms, 40 buttons […]


“You’re the kind of person who would write about dates” – Mimi G.  Director of Rubiconline My eyes dart around the well regulated Medina airport (Saudi Arabia, not Ohio), still uneasy about what I’ve just locked myself into. There was a shipment scheduled for today, but the buyers are strict (and numerous and have 20 […]