We all have a general understanding of the effect, and couldn’t think of a fun example (that means you get to :). For me, it is one of the most fascinating concepts ever devised and proved. You can just will something. You can be told something is this or that, and it becomes this or […]


I hate the transition music for the 3-E and C Morning, Saturday, and Sunday (the color) editions, and all things Considered; here on npr, national public radio. While every other program-based deviation from ‘news on hour’, be it latino usa, wow in the world, on point, planet money, youth radio, or the unsung hero of […]

Coccinellidae Controversy

“There simply aren’t enough neurons! It’s been proven!” The self-appointed prosecutor was referring to Abbot, the now-taken-aback defendant still in the room (the ladybug Abbot’s name has been altered for this publication, as a means of preserving privacy. However, we’ve chosen a name with similar connotations and etymology). “I do not think we can make […]